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Puppy Care  

Feeding Your Puppy

Choose your puppy's food carefully.  Only buy high quality branded Dog foods that include a proportion of good quality proteins derived from fish, chicken, lamb, and/or eggs.

You need to feed your puppy"omega-6" and"omega-3" fatty acids in a ratio of 5:1 respectively. This supplement might already be included in a good quality puppy feed or you can buy it from your vet as a food additive. This would usually be salmon oil in a form especially designed to give to your puppy.

Do not feed any supplements to your puppy without checking with your vet first.

It is easy to overdose a puppy, sometimes with fatal results.Do not buy cheap food to save money. It is not the best choice for your dog and you may end up paying much more in vet's bills.

See more details about Puppy Care