Dog and Puppy Training Guide

Banish The Major Frustration of Dog Ownership - Controlling Your Dog!

In This Guide David BurnsTeaches You How To successfully Train Your Dog To Obey You.

                                  The Natural Way To Get full Control Of Your Dog - Whatever The Breed
Owning a dog can be a wonderful experience and provide you and your family with a loyal companion. However, to take advantage of this relationship you need to be in full control at all times. This means both in your home, and when you are out and about, such as in the park.

The best way of getting this control is by using a dog's natural instincts. This will make the job of training your dog that much more simple. Also, your dog will learn to be obedient much more quickly because it can understand what you want it to do more easily.

The whole training process becomes less stressful for both you and your "best friend" and the results will be excellent.
This Dog Training Guide" shows you how to turn your dog's natural instincts to your advantage and provide you with the most effective training tool.

                                            Much of this training can be carried out at home and it can fit in with your daily routine -
                                                  you will be amazed at how easy and convenient much of this training can be


The Reason Why This Method Works
Over millions of years, dogs evolved from wolves and much of their basic instincts survive in your own dog today.
To communicate what you want your dog to do it is necessary to consider how your dog receives your instruction.
When a dog fails to respond and you find yourself getting agitated and shouting, your raised level of agitation is what
a wolf might pick up on when the pack is faced with a threat. In other words you stimulate your dog's fight or flight instincts -
this is not what you want to do. Instead learn to think like your dog does. Strangely, there is not as much exchange of
audio messaging as you might think. Dogs pick up on subtle signals and emotions - have you ever noticed how a dog
knows you are going to take it for a walk even before you get out of your chair.

You Can Be The"Pack Leader"
This is not as difficult as you might think. No, you will not have to spend the night sleeping in the dog's kennel!
There are about 25 things that mark you as a pack leader in your dog's mind. Fortunately you only need to learn
about 4 or 5 of these to improve your control of your dog. In fact there is no leadership contest.
Your dog will be happy to accept you as pack leader - it just wants the roles defined and
maintained so that it knows it's "status Quo".

Tip - Establishing Yourself As Pack Leader
There are several important elements and tips in establishing yourself as the "pack leader" to your dog. One useful simple tip is to make sure you always go through any doorways or gateways in front of your dog. Never let it push past you to go through first. This gives the dog the feeling of being in control and leading the way.

Does Your Dog Understand You?
There is an old management rule that states when a subordinate has misunderstood your instruction or fails to carry out your instructions,
first check how clear your original instructions were.

In 80% of cases, the initial instructions were ambiguous. This is very important when teaching your dog obedience.
Your dog will quickly learn what you are trying to teach it but you must convey your requirements very simply and
use the same commands each time. Our actual words mean nothing to a dog although it will learn what response
you require for a particular word.

Tip - Giving Commands
Give your commands in simple words. Speak firmly but never shouting. Accompany the command with a hand signal and consider a whistle when you are in noisy or windy conditions. You can train your dog to respond to a whistle quite easily. Think of sheep dog trials were the whistle is used to convey complicated commands. You don't need to be that advanced.

There are three essential commands that everyone should teach their dog to obey:

 Sit and Stay       Recall (to you)   To Walk to Heel

This is because these exercises are important for safety and control especially in an emergency situation. You can easily start these exercises in the home or garden. For example, at feeding times,get into the habit of making your dog sit and stay whilst you put it's meal on the floor. Keeping it sitting for a short while and then release it to eat it's food. Over a period of time increase the length
of the time you keep your dog sitting but remember if the dog makes a break for the food, pick up the bowl and start again.

Recall is about enthusiastically calling your dog to you and making a big fuss of it when it comes. For a puppy or during initial training use a "treat" as a reward. Here is were a hand signal is useful. This because when you are training in the house it is not needed but think of being in the park and your dog is some distance away, the hand signal will re-enforce your verbal command. Use hand signals even in the house to develop the link.

Teaching a dog to walk to heel and not pull when on the lead can be a bit tedious but basically every time the dog pulls just stand still. When your dog has settled down walk forward again. At first you will spend more time standing still (hence the tedious bit). However, quite soon your dog will get the message that it is not going anywhere if it pulls.

Obviously there is a lot more to this training than what I have written above but it is the foundation of the discipline of obedience.

Tip - The Essential "Release Command"
Remember to always give a "release command" to release your dog from whatever you have asked it to do. (E.g."sit") your Dog needs to know the exercise is over and it is free to go. It's a bit like remembering to hit the "enter" key on your keyboard to complete certain computer actions.

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Get Control Of Your Dog Now With This DogTraining Guide

The "Dog Training Guide" shows you how to turn your dog's natural instincts to your advantage when you are training. There are lots of tricks and tips and a step by step guide to take you through the whole training process.

And There's More
The training guide gives you lots of information about managing your dog including how to become the "pack leader", traveling by car, coping with visitors to your home, dogs n' kids, and much, much more.

And there's still more
Currently there are free bonuses with this guide, including a book about looking after your dog and ensuring the correct diet and health requirements. There is also a book on grooming and bathing your dog to keep it looking good and a dog you are proud to walk down the street with.

Whatever your reasons for seeking to improve your dog's behavior, you will find this up to date, specially designed, powerful training guide a wonderful help. It is easy to follow and starts from basics so that, even if you know very little about training a dog, you should quickly start to get control.

You will find that this manual is quite different to most of the dog training books you may come across because it is based on the techniques related to the nature and instincts of the dog. These techniques are "dog friendly" and are the basis of the mysterious system known as "Dog Whispering" or "Dog Listening".  Actually it is not all that mysterious but simply utilizes nature and the dog's natural evolved instincts. You will be able to master these secrets quite quickly. This system will be the foundation for any subsequent training you wish to undertake.

                                                                      From this Dog Training Guide you will learn the following:

  • How to stop your Dog pulling on the leash. Find out how to reduce or eliminate this behavior.
  • How to deal with with separation anxiety especially when your Dog does not want to be "home alone".
  • How to house train your Dog.
  • How to apply the "10 second rule" (without this you may never successfully train your Dog).
  • How to stop your Dog chewing things such as your furniture or carpet.
  • How to stop your Dog racing outside when you open the door. (Especially when visitors call)
  • How to subordinate a dominant Dog.
  • How to get control of your barking Dog and stay friends with your neighbours.
  • How to control your Dog when meeting people especially if it has a habit of "jumping up".
  • How to stop your Dog from trying to fight with other dogs.
  • How to curb your Dog’s aggression.
  • How professional dog trainers achieve results quickly and how you can learn the secret art of "Dog Whispering".
  • How to help your Dog to get used to traveling in your car.
  • How to stop your Dog pulling when on the leash.
  • How to improve your Dog's overall behaviour.
  • And much much more including information on dog psychology, meal times, tools to help you and kids n' dogs.

                                                                                 Easy Steps to Successful Dog Obedience
This "Dog Training Guide" is laid out in easy and logical steps. It starts with some simple dog psychology to help you understand how your dog thinks. It also includes details about how to solve several serious dog behavior problems. There are illustrations to help you learn the special techniques and the many useful tips that will make your life as a dog owner much easier.

This guide will teach you how to train your dog just like a modern professional trainer would do. You will learn a basic foundation method that will put you in the position of "Pack Leader" so that you can have your dog obey you in all types of situations. These methods will also help you to solve many individual troublesome problems that might be specific to your own dog.

                                                                                        The Satisfaction Of Getting It Right
When you have control of your Dog you will get great satisfaction when taking your dog out and about. It is amazing how many people are pleased to see a well turned out and obedientDog. The various appreciative comments you get from passers by will almost certainly give you a sense of pride and satisfaction of what you have achieved.

When you have visitors to your home they will really appreciate that your Dog is under control especially visitors who are nervous of dogs. It is very satisfying when guests accept your well behaved dog as part of your family. These visitors will appreciate a visit without excitable barking, without your dog jumping up or without being pestered for tit bits when you all sit down to a meal. Once properly trained you will really enjoy having your dog around the house.

With a properly trained Dog, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your dog can be trusted and is safe to be around other people. It will be safe when out walking and a good guard for your home security.

                                                                    Consider Some Of the Costs Of Not Training Your Dog
Consider some of the high costs of not training a dog. These costs can include damaged furniture and carpets. Damaged garden and fencing, spoiled clothing, vets bills, time off work to sort out problems or "dog sit" when your dog cannot be left alone, time wasted putting right damage caused by your dog.
And then there is the "worry factor" Worry about neighbour's complaints, Worry about taking your dog for a walk, Worry about someone being bitten especially if there are children about.

 Easy Learning
This Dog Training Guide has been produced with the inexperienced dog trainer in mind. The exercises are described in plain language with accompanying illustrations where these will be of help. The guide is intentionally in written form because this is actually easier to follow when you are trying out new exercises. It is possible to print out extra sheets of specific exercises and carry these with you when you are training your dog away from home. DVD's can be helpful for a single exercise but sometimes it is hard to follow and repeatedly replaying a short section of the DVD can be tiresome.

Easy To Download
Even if you have never downloaded anything from the Internet before you will find the
download instructions simple to follow. You start by clicking the Paydotcom payment button (below) which takes you to a Paypal page. Click on their payment button which takes you to the Paypal page where you choose how to pay (by Credit Card or via Paypal). You make your payment and then you are automatically transferred to the Dog Training Page from where you download your book.
It’s so very easy but if you have any worries on this matter just contact us via the following link:

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Dog Training Guarantee Here is your absolute guarantee                                         
If you feel the manual is not right for you simply e-mail me within Sixty days and you will receive a full refund. This means ordering a copy of this DogTraining Guide involves you in no risk whatsoever.

That’s right! Take up to 60 days to examine and use this Dog Training Guide and learn tips and techniques to correct your dog's behavior problems and make your dog "nice to know"
Remember that the guide is the result of many years of practical experience and is based on what works for even the most difficult to train dogs. It is this experience which has developed the knowledge of what works and what does not.

Buy Your Own Copy Of This Amazing Guide Today
Yes I would like to own a copy of the "Dog Training Guide " at the special Instant download price of £5.99 ($9.97) and including the three free bonuses described above. I understand that I have a full Sixty day money back guarantee.

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                                                At The Present Time There Are Three FREE Valuable Bonuses Being Offered with This
                                                                                                          Dog Training Guide.

                                                                                                             Bonus No. 1   
Bonus No 1 is a great book about grooming and bathing your dog. There are lots of details including the correct grooming tools to purchase and simple tips such as how to trim your dogs nails and how to tell if your dog's coat is really healthy. It includes various pointers to look for in assessing your dog's general condition. There are also tips on how to successfully bathe your dog. This is an essential book to help you to maintain your dog's appearance and well-being as well as helping you to improve bonding with your dog.

                                                                                                            Bonus No. 2     
This bonus is an absolutely essential book about the health, welfare and diet for your dog. It includes details on what to feed your dog and things that you should never feed your dog. You will learn some basic rules about feeding and exercise. You will find what important things to look for, to ensure your dog is healthy and you will learn the tell tale signs when all is not well. You will find out what to do about common dog parasites. A "FIRST AID"section gives you a basic guide on what to do if your dog suffers a minor accident. This book is a "Must Have" for all dog owners.

                                                                                                           Bonus No. 3
The third bonus is a twelve months free e-mail consultation to help you with any problems you might encounter during the training of your dog. This will be of great help if there is something that is not going according to plan. This has got to be a very valuable tool to help you.


                                                             Puppies Should Be Trained With This "Natural Instincts" Method -
                                                                  It lays the foundation for all future training and Obedience

Remember if you order today, you will receive THREE genuinely useful and valuable FREE bonuses with your manual.

I  look forward to getting an e-mail from you, telling me about your success with your dog and what your friends are saying about your achievements. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, I still want to learn about YOUR progress so please e-mail me - I would love to hear your story!

This Dog Training Guide is the best you can buy and yet it is one of the most economical. The guide is the result of many years of research and practical experience by David Dee who has published several very successful books about dog behaviour and training. This Dog Training Guide comes to you at a price not really equalled. You can check this out for yourself and you will find that generally training manuals approaching this quality are at least twice as expensive and most of them provide you with less information. (How do we know this - easy, we buy what's out there so as to make our own assessments) It is true that there are some very cheap dog training books, on eBay for instance but these are mostly older short traditional books and do not have the scope or up to date information offered in this "Dog Training Guide".

This Dog Training Guide is a "value for money" way to learn how to train your dog. It was originally produced in a hard back printed version and is still currently on sale at £17.99, however,it is now available here via instant download at a saving of £6 because there are no printing, advertising, stocking or delivery costs.

Downloading to your computer means that you could soon be reading this book and be well on your way to training your dog and fixing any behavior problems. Additionally you will be laying the foundations for a happier and more peaceful household.

What you have here, is a high quality training manual of real value and a training manual that delivers what it promises at a fair and reasonable price.

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