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         Breeds and Breeders

Little Deb's Toy/mini Australian Shepherds

Our Toy/Mini Australian Shepherds are bred for sound structure, great temperaments and True Aussie Type.
Penn Hip Evaluation of Good or better, and CERF clearance in our breeding dogs.
Great for Agility, Show, Herding, and TOP QUALITY Companion Pets. Visit our website to check availability.
Alternatively phone: 509-922-7540 or Email:
Rottweiler Fancy Everything about health, behavior, feeding, care and tales of animal
bravery and courage, life and death, companionship, and the awesome joy
Rottweiler's bring to their families.
American Bulldog Fancy Open American Bulldog fancy to any page and you are sure to find some
interesting Bulldog history, a bit of dog humor, or even a useful tip on
how to make life with your BullDOG the best sensible life ever!
Your Shih tzu "Your Shih tzu" is a guide to buying, raising, living with, and loving a shih tzu

  Dog Care and Welfare
Sensible Dog An Original and irresistible look at the world of dogs including articles on dog health, training, and care

 Dog Supplies                
I-Love-Dogs  Dogs rule at Get tons of free canine stuff - dog breed information, dogs names, dog videos, dog supplies and so much more. dog supplies
Dog Beds n Beyond Your one stop resource for dog supplies as well as well as
advice and information to keep your dog happy, healthy and well cared for.
Awesome Stuff for Awesome Pets From the practical to the just plain silly we have it all. Everything for your pets health & happiness. From fetching outfits, to interactive toys and fancy beds to sturdy safety, you won’t find a selection like this at your corner pet store!
Leash Boutique

Exceptionally well made and durable leashes and harnesses for your beloved friend.
Stop those pesky pulling problems. Is your dog enthusiastic when meeting others? Or is he/she a chronic puller? I have the answer.
Currently we are batting 1000% on this device. Guaranteed to stop any dog from pulling
Dog Bed Review Dog Bed Review contains informative content, unique imagination, up to
date video footage, with articles, news, and related material all about
Dog Beds.
You can review dog beds by brand, style, or selection. There are quick
reference side bars for convenience.

Doggie Art and Gifts               
Jands-pencil-drawing JanDs Pencil Drawing, Pet Portraits in Colour & Graphite Pencil, Wild Animals Drawings & Free Tutorials.

Feeding and Diet               


Animals Shelter Me Visit my site and see how the little things we can do everyday to help animals, adds up.
The Dog's Trust We are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK
RSPCA The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Bluecross We are a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and unwanted pets.
PDSA PDSA is the UK's leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 350,000 pet patients belonging to people in need.
The Dog Planet Supporting Dog Rescue Centres and related Organisations by listing dogs free online in order to re-home dogs faster.
The site gives information about dog breeds to help you choose the right type of dog for your life style.
The site is commited to reducing the number of dogs that are abandoned, mistreated, neglected etc...
German Shepherd Rescue(Scotland) Whether you have decided to adopt a German Shepherd, re-home your German Shepherd or you would like to become a volunteer, we hope you will visit our site and support our essential work.


Training, Obedience and Rehabilitation
The German shepherd Training Guide Superb training book which includes information on welfare and Diet Downloadable version at
Furbabies Dog Training School Gentle, science-based training for puppies and dogs of all breeds in Auckland Park, South Africa.
ARC Dog Rehab "ARC Dog Rehab specialises in helping overcome any behavioural issues with your dog. Consultations are carried out at your own home for a minimum of two hours. Contact us for a "no-obligation" discussion about your canine problems.
We are based in the South of England and have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance" for your peace of mind.


Vet and Medicines     
Televets Useful "first check out" for your dog's health problems but you will need to get your own vets opinion as soon as practical - just to be safe.




Other Resources
Jands-wild-animals Follow us as we visit Zoos around England, Great Photographs, Reviews and Information.
You Need A Budget Software to help control budgets  budget
University of Peru University of Peru Information Resource Website -Very Useful (English Language site).




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